Bait Vs. Chemical

Termite control methods have improve dramatically in the last ten years, with the introduction of bait technology to liquid solution that are capable of wiping out entire colonies out in the yard. The old method just controlled termites in the house; the new methods eliminate them inside and outside.

One of the most commonly asked question is, which type of treatment should I use?

It really depends on what type of construction you have and what are you comfortable with. The bait system is best to use with slab foundation, finished basements, and houses on wells. This is the safest treatment available. The downside of termite bait is it’s very expensive to maintain and could take as long as two years to rid your house of termites. Maintenance is a must, if this system is not kept up there is no residual to protect your house.

Chemical treatment is the best way to go if your house is on an accessible crawlspace, unfinished basements, or you need to get control quickly. The yearly maintenance is affordable. The treatment will leave a residual, usually which will last between seven to fifteen years if left undisturbed. Termidor the newest of the chemicals, works on eliminating the colony in the yard as well as in the house. The downside of this method is it’s not recommended for houses on wells close to the structure. It requires a lot of drilling in the slabs that are next to the house.