Bed Bugs

Bed bugs are becoming a big problem in homes, apartment buildings, and hotels. Total has a systematic approach to eliminating these blood sucking insects in one treatment. We use Cryonite the newest technology in pest control. Cryonite® is an innovative new pest control treatment system that sprays fine frozen Carbon Dioxide snow; allowing for rapid and thorough penetration into cracks, crevices, and other pest harborage areas for excellent extermination results. Cryonite®, due to its rapid freezing, has been found to be highly effective as a treatment against even chemically resistant bed bugs. Typically, hotel and motel rooms are able to be returned to service the same day after a Cryonite® bed bug treatment. The Carbon Dioxide snow is dry and leaves no wet or chemical residue, keeping post-treatment clean up to a minimum and leaves no chemical odor.